Choosing between the Best foam mats for babies! What are the foam mats for babies Reviews 2019 ?

When it comes to selecting between the best foam mats for babies brands, things can be confusing. The top brands and its reputation does make an impact on the choices you have on offer. Cheaply-priced faucets are just that – cheap. foam mats for babies and fittings are more like investments, and you wouldn’t want to spend huge in repairs and replacement, which is why selecting a known and reliable brand is important.

You will be also surprised to know that the bigger brands actually spend considerable money in research and creating designs. No matter whether you are creating a traditional or want to go for one of the contemporary , you will find products to suit your budget and needs. These brands often have great warranty on their products, so think of this like an investment, at least for the next Two to Three years.

Over the years, these top brands have added more choices to each range and collection, and with new products, better technology, finishes and makes, people have more choices. In fact, most of these so-called ‘cheaper’ brands rely on the foam mats for babies brands for ideas.

Here is a list of all kinds of best foam mats for babies with various features at different price points to make up the best selection for you. These foam mats for babies are engineered to give you great control with a multitude of functions. Read on for the best foam mats for babies of 2019. Thank us later.

Before choosing into the top Six choices on the market today, we’d like to explain how to choose the best foam mats for babies – these are the guidelines we went by when compiling the list.

Start with the size :- Usually, foam mats for babies have standard sizes,However, we highly recommend that you go for something bigger, because you would need to make considerable amount of soups, broths, and stock when guests come over. Instead of buying two , get a bigger one that can get the job done.

Shape is important :- Most foam mats for babies have a round base with straight sides, but the choice of shape also depends on the size of the household. For example, if you have just two members in the house, you can do good with a smaller that has a wider base and shorter sides. The idea is to understand the maximum guests you usually have on a regular Saturday and select the shape and size.

Quality matters :- Selecting the best foam mats for babies is also about quality. Bear in mind that you would be on a really low Quality, and therefore, the bottom needs to heavy and thick enough, so that the Product doesn’t stick . Go for something that’s designed for durability and long-term use.

Material should fit the needs :- There are many options – In between many choose one which is in our budget and good quality material the cheapest options, while you can also go for Higher ranges if you want a rally good material with long term use.

Choosing in between the top Brands :- The brand and warranty on the product also makes a difference in the long run and paying a tad more for a better-known and reliable brand is a good idea.

A word on the design  :- foam mats for babies are designed to be durable, but not all product are the same. In fact, there’s one factor that makes a considerable impact – the shape. Some foam mats for babies are equally wide and tall, which makes them not ideal for Us. Conventionally.

Find the best foam mats for babies for you.

ProSource Kids Puzzle Alphabet, Numbers, 36 Tiles and Edges Play Mat, 12″ by 12″ *

  • 36 foam pieces with removable letters and numbers and 24 border pieces.Made of high density EVA foam 10mm (3/8 inch thick)
  • Each square is equivalent to 1 Sq.ft, for a total coverage of 36 Sq.ft (6′ x 6′ area)
  • Bright primary colors to stimulate your baby’s early child development
  • Safe, soft and durable. This item is not recommended for use on carpets. For ages 3 and up
  • Easy to use and easy to clean. EVA foam is free of toxic phthalates and creates a soft, comfortable floor for your child to play Protective Flooring High density, durable foam provides protection for your child in areas with wood or tile floors

Baby Foam Play Mat with Fence – Interlocking Alphabet Crawling Mat with 36 Foam Floor Tiles *

  • SAFEGUARD YOUR BABY’S HEALTH – Ashtonbee’s play mat is ultra-cushioned and free from phthalates, BPA, latex, and formaldehyde. The foam baby mat is also hypoallergenic which is good for your baby. Aside from that, the entire mat does not have any small pieces so you do not have to worry about choking hazards.
  • PROTECT YOUR KIDS – Ashtonbee’s kids play mat is soft and is the perfect solution for parents who want to let their babies crawl, lay, or play on the floor safely. With a thickness of 0.56″, you know that your little ones are protected from slipping or falling whenever they try to crawl or stand during tummy time.
  • ENJOY AN EXTRA LARGE PLAY AREA – Your kids will certainly enjoy a bigger-sized play area with a 72″ x 72″ (6ft x 6ft fence up area) and a fence height of 7″. Components: 36 foam floor tiles + 24 tiles for the fence + 2 tiles for the gate. Please note that the fence is only to keep your baby’s toys from rolling; it’s not meant to stop a moving child. You can also put the fence down for an even bigger mat.
  • HELP KIDS LEARN THE ALPHABET AND NUMBERS – The baby care play mat has 36 foam floor tiles with each one representing a letter in the alphabet as well as each number from 0 to 9. This is a fun way to teach your kids the basics, plus the bright colors will surely be a hit for them. Aside from that, the designs and patterns of the baby mat will help foster your kids’ imagination and cognitive abilities.
  • COVERED BY 100% LIFETIME WARRANTY – When you order from us, you’re in good hands with our no-risk, no-questions asked Money Back Guarantee and Top-Rated customer service. Ashtonbee is a brand that’s committed to your success!

ProSource Puzzle Solid Foam Play Mat for Kids – 36 tiles with edges *

  • PROTECTIVE FLOORING – Durable, high density foam provides a gentle surface and protection for your child in areas with hard floors
  • EASY ASSEMBLY – Interlocking puzzle pieces are quick And simple to assemble, easy to pull apart for storage and painless to clean
  • 36 SQ. FEET – 36 interlocking puzzle pieces plus 24 border pieces, covers a 6’x6′ area when combined; or just use a few tiles to cover a small area
  • VISUAL STIMULATION – Bright primary colors help to stimulate your baby’s brain growth and early childhood development
  • SAFE – Soft, textured EVA foam is free of toxic phthalates and creates a soft, comfortable play area for children of various ages

Superjare 36 Pieces Baby Play Mat | 0.56″ Thick Interlocking Foam Floor Tiles with 16 Patterns | Non Toxic Crawling Mat for Playroom & Nursery | Neutral Color for Infants, Baby & Toddler  *

  • LARGE PLAY MAT – Flat size: 59.6″ x 59.6″ (4.96ft x 4.96ft area). Components: 16 tiles play mats + 16 tiles edge mats + 4 tiles fan-shaped mats, it comes in a zippered clear plastic case that has a rope handle for gift purpose!
  • WELL-CUSHIONED CRAWLING MAT – With a thickness of 0.56”, this playmat is more than safe enough for slips and falls or when your baby tries to crawl and stand up during tummy time!
  • HIGH QUALITY & EASY TO WIPE – The baby play mat was equipped with waterproof function, so you can wipe away any dirt with wet cloth and mild detergent and dry with a cloth. Also, you won’t worry about cleaning the foam tiles any more and create a safe play space for your baby!
  • STIMULATE CURIOSITY & PROMOTE IMAGINATION – Equipped with several different patterns of animals and shapes, this play mat will help with your kid’s imagination and hand-eye coordination, especially if you pop the tiles out as an added toy your kid can play with!
  • SAFE PLAY MAT – Our play mat free of lead, chrome and phthalates, it contains no small pieces and there is zero choking hazard involved!

BalanceFrom Kid’s Puzzle Exercise Play Mat with EVA Foam Interlocking Tiles *

  • 16-Tile: item comes with 16 tiles in 4 colors and 24 end borders (6 boarders each color). each tile measures 12″x12″x0.4″. each square = 1 square foot; total coverage 16 square feet (4′ x 4′ area)
  • 36-Tile: item comes with 36 tiles in 9 colors and 54 end borders (6 boarders each color). each tile measures 12″x12″x0.4″. each square = 1 square foot; total coverage 36 square feet (6′ x 6′ area)
  • Non-toxic, tested free of lead, bpa’s and Phthalate; meet or exceed the US Regulated toy safety standards. Easy to clean with damp cloth & mild soap. Interlocking feature and lightweight make it very simple to assemble
  • With high density EVA foam, the 0.4” thick premium mat comfortably cushions spine, hips, knees and elbows on hard floors. With double sided non-slip surfaces, BalanceFrom puzzle mat comes with an excellent slip resistant advantage to prevent injuries
  • All genuine BalanceFrom products are covered by a 100% Balance From satisfaction guarantee and 2-year Balance From Warranty. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority

Skip Hop Playspot Foam Play Mat For Baby, Grey/Cream, 70″ X 56″ *

  • Play mat for infants and toddlers made of thick foam tile to keep a soft surface for playing and crawling
  • 40 foam interlocking pieces and 32 foam edge tiles to create multiple puzzle designs and custom sizes
  • Oversize foam floor tiles for a large play mat space, perfect for tummy-time to crawling to first steps and beyond!
  • Comfort design playmat to complement your home’s décor and waterproof for stress-free maintenance. Simply wipe clean with baby wipes.
  • Great for babies’ development, encouraging color and shape recoginization

When it comes to foam mats for babies, you need to go for the best. Here we review the best of them found in the market today.

You need a better foam mats for babies!

Hey, I am just a “Dude” after all! I don’t spend hours at my local Wall-Mart checking out foam mats for babies, but it is the new age… And you can just hit up the internet to check out what will work best for you! So, today’s topic will be foam mats for babies… And what to look for when buying them.

Most of us  are not too picky when it comes to foam mats for babies, we just want one that will do the job. But when we run across a foam mats for babies that just doesn’t perform, we can get pretty annoyed!

That’s when we put on our eye glasses and do some research, luckily, we are here to help you out! I will talk about some things to look for when buying a foam mats for babies and my past experiences.

When it comes to foam mats for babies, I would rather spend a little extra to get a quality Product that will do the job all the time.

Where to buy the best foam mats for babies.

Buying a foam mats for babies could be hectic, if you don’t know where you can find the best brands and a wide range foam mats for babies types to let you select the one you need. For this, you’ll have to search for the most trustworthy and reliable seller that will offer you all the best rated brands along with the best price available on the market. You can either look to buy it from a local market or through online retailer and stores like Amazon.

Most of the people have a tendency to prefer online stores like The amazon. The reason behind it is the availability of the wide range of quality products, trustworthy sellers and an opportunity to compare the products and pick the best one for you.

So, You can easily buy your foam mats for babies on amazon at affordable rates and an assurance of a quality product.

Warranty and complementary tools

If you can get a warranty from the manufacturer then it would be a plus, so look at this feature also. In addition to it you may also find some tool that some of the manufacturers offer, along your product.


There are several other foam mats for babies  on the market which we could probably test as well, but since we had the modern man in mind when testing, the features needed to even make it to the testing phase lacked in most of these foam mats for babies .

Well to help you take out the guesswork from deciding which features you need, we took an expert look at some of the best foam mats for babies  that is currently on the market. This will not only broaden your horizons and shake any bias you may have, but also help you make an informed decision as this unit will be your daily companion for many years to come.

Final word

Consider what you expect from a foam mats for babies before comparing the choices. You can also find combined kits, which are extremely affordable and allow you to have two different kinds of foam mats for babies at the same time. It make take a while to get used to the either type of Product, so comfort is also one of the things to take note of. Pricing doesn’t matter, as long as the product and brand are worthy. You can check users reviews and expert opinions to select the best foam mats for babies.

Now that you are armed with information about all of the best foam mats for babies on the market, you will know what to get once you reach the store. There are foam mats for babies here that appeal to all types of people, so there should be no issues.

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