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Great news for Gamers! Here at NewsNifty, we don’t just put the news but also add various listicles and offers for our readers! Here, we are adding some of our Top Handpicked Games for gamers reading news from our portal for years! Don’t forget, we are also adding Tips, Tricks, and Offers related to some of the games. Check them out!

Coin Master

Free Spins for Coin Master
Coin Master Free Spins 2020

Coin Master is a popular game from Moon Active. This game gained popularity within an year of its release. This is one of the best games for passing the time. Easy to play and the interactiveness makes gamers play this game! If you play Coin Master, You Gotta Check: Coin Master Free Spins.

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go Promo Codes
Pokemon Go Promo Codes

Another one night hit! Pokemon Anime was already popular, Niantic scheduled the release for this game and people started playing the game right away. This game became a ONE NIGHT HIT with a lot of active users in just 24 hours of its release. This is a good game to play. You might like checking for the Pokemon Go Promo Codes if you are an active player.


Working Roblox Robux Free Promo Codes 2020
Free Robux Promo Codes

This is not just a game! This is a platform where you can create games and challenge other players. You can create your own set of players, type of game, and so on. There are many player and game modifications available which you can get using the Robux, or using the Roblox Promo Codes.