Minister of Foreign Relations S. Jaishankar articulated that since hostilities erupted, the Indian embassy has maintained contact with the majority of Indian citizens in Sudan, and castigated Congress leader Siddaramaiah for exploiting the matter for electoral advantage.

Foreign Relations Minister S. Jaishankar denounced Congress for leveraging the precarious position of Indians amid the strife-laden Sudan, asserting that no electoral aspiration justifies imperiling Indians overseas. The Union minister’s rejoinder was in response to a tweet from Congress leader Siddaramaiah, who reproached the government for neglecting to evacuate 31 tribal individuals from Karnataka marooned in Sudan.

“Allegedly, 31 individuals hailing from Karnataka and part of the Hakki Pikki tribe find themselves ensnared in Sudan, a nation embroiled in civil conflict. I beseech Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Home Ministry, the Ministry of External Affairs, and Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai to promptly intercede and ascertain their secure repatriation,” Siddaramaiah expounded on Twitter.

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“Hakki Pikkis in Sudan languish, bereft of sustenance in recent days, whilst the government has yet to commence proceedings for their retrieval. The BJP administration should expeditiously engage in diplomatic parley and liaise with global organizations to safeguard the Hakki Pikkis’ welfare,” Siddaramaiah appended.

In response, Jaishankar penned, “I am utterly dismayed by your tweet! Lives hang in the balance. Refrain from politicizing.” The foreign relations minister conveyed that, as warfare unfolded, the Indian embassy has liaised with the majority of Indian denizens in Sudan. He emphasized that the mobility of marooned Indians is hindered by vehement combat.

“Disclosure of their particulars and whereabouts is precluded for security considerations. Their locomotion is restricted by ferocious skirmishes presently underway. Strategies concerning them must accommodate an intricate security landscape. The embassy remains in perpetual communication with the ministry in this regard,” Jaishankar articulated.

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“It is egregiously imprudent of you to exploit their predicament for political ends. No electoral objective can warrant jeopardizing Indians overseas,” he supplemented.

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