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Spending lakhs of rupees in your smart kitchen is not enough. A kitchen is a place where no matter how much space you have, you will always end up falling short of space. To get the most of your kitchen, you need to keep your kitchen properly organised that everything gets its place without messing things around. In this article, we are going to tell you some great ideas that will help you in organising your kitchen in a very unique way. Keep scrolling till the end to get all the details.

A horizontal rack for your chopping boards and trays

The most annoying thing in a kitchen is when you take out one thing and all the other things in a kitchen start falling following the suit. To save you from this situation, we have an amazing solution for you.

Fix a vertical rack in your kitchen for storing your baking trays, chopper boards, serving trays, etc. These are the things that do not get adjust to other things. So leave proper space for all these things where you can store them easily so it won’t get falling after each other.

Experiment with knives and barbecue sticks

Storing barbecue sticks is a whole different level of worry. Finding a perfect place for storing barbecue sticks is a very difficult thins. We have this amazing idea where you can use both knives and barbecues sticks in a way that it will look good as well as classy.

Put all your barbecues sticks together in a jar or a stand and place all your knives in it making it a knife holder. This way you won’t in losing your barbecue sticks and your knives will also get a decent place to be stored.

The space under the sink

This is the most underrated area of a kitchen. People usually tend to ignore the real importance of this space. But you can always make the most out of each space when it comes to utilization. There are a lot of sanitary items like cleaners, soaps, and liquids, etc which are required now and then in a kitchen.

There is no better place than this where you can store all your sanitary items in a single place. Add a retractable drawer under the sink so that you can easily fetch it out whenever you want.

Compact appliances

There are several appliances in a kitchen which are required now and then. You cannot store your appliances in a way that one gets disturbed if you want to use the other one. Organise them in a way so that each gets a positive space for using them. Several appliances include microwave, grillers, toasters,roti maker and many more.

All of them come in compact designs and the some of them is the one which occupies not a larger area. Try to keep it in a place where it can work freely.

Retractable racks for hanging pots and pans

Storing pots and pans is another level of headache you get while organising your kitchen. To give proper space for these pots and pans you can add some retractable drawers. By storing these pots and pans in the retractable drawers, your kitchen will appear more clean and tidy and it will also give your kitchen a classy look. This way, you don’t need to juggle between all the utensils to pick the ones you need.

Fix a pegboard for you spatulas, ladles and pots

Pegboards are everyone’s favourites when it comes to hanging utensils in the kitchen. Fix a pegboard in your kitchen to make room for all the spatulas, strainers, pots, and ladles. Pegboards will not only help you store your stuff there but will also maintain the look of your kitchen without even messing around the smartness of your kitchen.

Add single metal bars for storing lids

Storing lids is the next big task after storing pans and pots in a kitchen. The problem with these lids is that they don’t get adjusted easily everywhere and especially on top of each other. You have to provide individual spaces for them if you don’t want them falling around. To get rid of this problem, fix some metal bars on the backside of your cabinet door where you can hand the lids without getting them falling off.

Use cabinet doors for storing small utensils

There are a lot of small utensils that need to be placed in a particular area. You can use the backside of your cabinets to store all these small stuff. This way, the backside of the cabinet will be utilized properly and it will not ruin the beauty of your kitchen also.

Make an elevated spice rack in your drawer

Storing spices is a very important task in a kitchen and finding the right jar is the biggest trouble you get while cooking. The best way of storing spices is by making an elevated spice rack in your drawer. This way, you can easily access the spices whenever you want without the need for juggling between the small jars to find the right one.

Use party hacks for hanging utensils

Going a little DIY will going to add some excitement in your kitchen! Rather than choosing the old and traditional way, now you can also try some DIY tricks to make your kitchen a bit lively. Use party hacks for storing utensils like a ladle, spoons, etc in your kitchen will make your kitchen look even better and smart.

You will never find the best utilisation of party caps than this in your lifetime. Just take the party caps can hang them upside down after decorating it. Now you can use them as a holder where you put any utensils you want. But be careful about the weight of utensils you put into them as these are made of just paper.


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