Salman Khan Firing Case

Mumbai Police, with assistance from Gujarat Police, have apprehended two individuals linked to the recent shooting incident at Bollywood superstar Salman Khan’s Mumbai residence. The suspects were arrested in Gujarat’s Mata No Madh village, following crucial leads obtained through the duo’s own Aadhaar cards and other identifying documents.

Late Monday night, a joint operation conducted by teams from Kutch-West and Mumbai Police culminated in the capture of Vicky Gupta, 24, and Sagar Pal, 21. This swift action came less than 48 hours after the attack on Khan’s home. Both suspects are originally from Bihar’s Champaran district but had been residing temporarily in Panvel, near Mumbai, to prepare for their alleged mission.

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According to Deputy Inspector General of Police, Kutch West, Mahendra Bagadiya, the preliminary investigation suggests that Gupta and Pal were contracted by the notorious Lawrence Bishnoi gang, a claim substantiated by further police reports. “The breakthrough in identifying and locating them was significantly aided by the original Aadhaar cards used by the suspects to enter into a rental agreement and purchase a motorcycle,” a Mumbai Police spokesperson disclosed.

The investigative trail began when Gupta bought a second-hand motorcycle in Navi Mumbai early this month. A pistol, allegedly used in the attack, was later handed over to them in Mumbai. After the shooting, the pair abandoned the motorcycle near Mount Mary Church in Bandra, then discreetly traveled by local train and other means to eventually reach Gujarat.

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The meticulous use of human and technical intelligence played a pivotal role in tracking down the suspects. Joint Commissioner of Police (crime), Lakhmi Gautam, emphasized the seamless cooperation between state police forces which was instrumental in the arrests. “We were able to act quickly thanks to timely intelligence and coordination between our teams,” Gautam stated.

Upon their arrest, the duo was found to have discarded the firearm used in the crime in a river as they fled towards Surat. Efforts are ongoing to recover the weapon and to ascertain who provided logistical support to Gupta and Pal during their operation in Mumbai.

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The police are also investigating potential connections and further implications of the Bishnoi gang’s involvement, considering the historical threats issued by the gang against Khan, reportedly stemming from a wildlife violation dating back to 1998.

This incident has once again spotlighted the intricate and often dangerous interplay between organized crime and the film industry. More details are expected as the investigation progresses.

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