Star Trek Discovery Season 4: Has new villains, Who are the reapers ?

What gathering of lowlifess can be troubling to the point that Maggie ( Lauren Cohan ) is totally certain that living with Negan ( Jeffrey Dean Morgan ) isn’t the greatest of her issues? Indeed, evidently one that the AMC arrangement alludes to as ‘Harvesters’ – converted into Spanish as gatherers , an upsetting foe that has tortured the previous head of Hilltop before and that, as per the scene with which it uncovers the 10th season gets back, ‘sweet home’ (10×17), it has additionally followed her on her return home.

After causing her companions win their last fight against the Whisperers, the arrival of the 10th portion of The Walking Dead shed some light on the past of the youthful survivor, who years prior had given up Hilltop to join Georgie. on her visit to plan networks for the new “world request” and that, as indicated by her own clarification to Daryl, she had chosen to remain and live in one of them. On the run since the picked site succumbed to reasons she isn’t yet prepared to recall, Maggie and her child Hershel don’t show up alone in Alexandria, however are joined by Cole ( James Devoti ) and Elijah ( Okea Eme-Akwari ), and a couple of overcomers of the assault on the town wherein they lived.

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However, neither Maggie nor her sidekicks are as yet protected back in their old home, since, as we found in the scene broadcasted the previous evening, that foe for the time being imperceptible yet risky has followed them home. They discover when they find the smoking bodies of their companions, Jen and Billy, and they realize it was them: individuals who leveled their town. With Hershel out of the picture, he starts a journey against time for which the gathering heads out in different directions. While attempting to discover Hershel’s whereabouts, a concealed expert marksman starts to shoot the remainder of the individuals from Maggie’s gathering individually until they are the ones who figure out how to decrease him.
Silently when Maggie requests to know his inspirations, the outsider coordinates a bizarre expression – “The Pope checked you” – prior to pulling a projectile ring and it detonates before them.

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Star Trek Discovery Season 4 Has new villains Who areWe think minimal about the ‘Harvesters’ or ‘Collectors’, yet Angela Kang, ‘showrunner’ of the arrangement, discussed them in proclamations to the program circulated after the scene, Talking Dead :

“This assailant that they found in the backwoods we know is essential for what Maggie has been doing previously and up to this second. There are numerous hints with respect to who this individual is, regardless of whether it is puzzling and doesn’t say a lot. Be that as it may, obviously, it has a significant level from preparing, he’s a brilliant contender and he’s the person in the forested areas who murders a few group. He puts Maggie and Daryl, who are two of our most grounded characters, in a tough situation in a truly perilous circumstance. “

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Neither the previously mentioned Pope nor the gathering that Maggie escapes from has a partner in the funnies, yet the leader maker of the arrangement Denise Huth guarantees that the inquiries will be replied in future scenes of The Walking Dead: what he had the option to genuinely do as one man is the point at which he truly begins talking and says, ‘The Pope checked you.’ And Maggie doesn’t have the foggiest idea what that implies, we don’t have a clue what that implies, however it’s truly unpleasant, “says Huth.

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