Astrologer Scam Mumbai Woman Alleges Cheating Anti Superstition Act in Action

Mumbai, India – A shocking case of alleged fraud has come to light in Mumbai, where a 57-year-old woman claims to have been duped of Rs 52.80 lakh and gold ornaments weighing 268 grams by an astrologer and his associates. The incident has raised concerns about trust and accountability in the spiritual and business realms.

According to police reports, the victim, a resident of suburban Borivali, had been in contact with Vijay Balu Joshi (28), who presented himself as an astrologer. Joshi and his aides allegedly promised the victim a lucrative partnership in the hotel business. However, their promises turned out to be false, and the woman ended up losing a substantial amount of money and valuable gold ornaments.

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The modus operandi of the alleged fraudsters involved convincing the victim to invest in the hotel industry. Joshi claimed that the investment would yield significant returns, but instead, he and his associates pocketed the funds. Additionally, they reportedly borrowed money from the victim under false pretenses, promising to repay loans to their creditors.

The victim finally filed a complaint at the Borivali Police Station after realizing that the astrologer had no intention of fulfilling his promises. Authorities swiftly took action, booking Joshi and five others under relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and the anti-superstition and black magic Act.

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The Anti-Superstition Act, which aims to curb fraudulent practices and superstitions, has been invoked in this case to address the alleged exploitation of the victim’s belief in astrology. The Act seeks to protect individuals from falling prey to unscrupulous practitioners who take advantage of their vulnerability.

As the investigation continues, questions arise about the prevalence of such scams and the need for stricter regulations to safeguard people from financial exploitation. Authorities are urging citizens to exercise caution when dealing with self-proclaimed astrologers and spiritual advisors.

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