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Google CEO Sundar Pichai has asked his employees to spend some time on improving Bard, the company’s AI-powered chatbot that competes with Microsoft’s ChatGPT. In an internal memo, Pichai said that he wants every employee to spend two to four hours this week on testing and providing feedback on Bard, which was launched last week in a rushed and flawed manner.

Bard is Google’s attempt to create a conversational agent that can chat with users about any topic, using natural language processing and deep learning. It is supposed to be a rival to ChatGPT, which is powered by Bing and has been gaining popularity and praise for its ability to generate coherent and engaging responses.

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However, Bard’s launch was marred by technical glitches, poor performance, and negative reviews. Many employees said that they were not informed or involved in the launch process and that Bard was not ready for public release. Some users also complained that Bard was boring, repetitive, or offensive in its conversations.

Pichai acknowledged these issues and said that he was disappointed with how Bard was launched. He said he believes in Bard’s potential and vision, but it needs more work and improvement. He urged his employees to try out Bard themselves and provide honest feedback on how to make it better. He also said that he would review the feedback and act accordingly.

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Pichai’s memo comes at a time when Google is facing increasing pressure from Microsoft, which has been investing heavily in AI and cloud computing. Microsoft’s ChatGPT has been hailed as a breakthrough in conversational AI and has attracted millions of users who chat with it for fun or information. Microsoft has also partnered with several businesses and organizations to use ChatGPT for customer service, education, entertainment, and social good.

Google hopes that Bard can catch up with ChatGPT and become a worthy competitor in the conversational AI market. However, it will have to overcome its initial setbacks and prove itself as a reliable and enjoyable chatbot for users.

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