Bill gates enjoying tea made by dolly ki tapri

In a surprising turn of events, tech mogul Bill Gates was spotted sipping tea made by famous chaiwala Dolly Ki Tapri.

Gates took to Instagram to share a video of himself enjoying a cup of chai, aptly captioned: “In India, you can find innovation everywhere you turn in the preparation of a simple cup of tea!”

Bill gates dolly ki tapri

The internet, of course, went into a delightful frenzy. The post, which has already garnered over a million likes, is flooded with hilarious comments.

One user quipped, “Marvel has the best crossover, meanwhile Dolly chaiwala:” referencing the recent influx of superhero movies and the unexpected team-up between Gates and a local tea vendor.

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Another user, perhaps sceptical of the video’s authenticity, commented, “I wonder if this is AI generated “

But the local Nagpurians were quick to claim their own. One comment, in true Marathi spirit, simply stated, “Nagpur ki public bole toh taplik,” which translates to “If the people of Nagpur say it’s good, then it’s the best.”

Gates prefaced his chai-appreciation post with the statement, “I am excited to be back in India”. This enthusiastic declaration hints at Gates’ longstanding positive connections with the country.

Meanwhile, the exact location where he enjoyed the tea prepared by Dolly of “Dolly ki Tapri” fame remains a mystery. This touch of the unknown only adds to the charm of the story, as netizens speculate about where the billionaire might have enjoyed this humble and heartwarming Indian experience.

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The post has garnered significant attention, with many users finding humor and warmth in the image of the tech mogul enjoying a simple cup of chai. Whether Gates was truly impressed by the “innovation” in chai preparation or simply enjoying a local cultural experience, one thing’s for sure: the internet is having a cup of laughs over it.

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