China just brought moon rocks back to Earth for its first time in history

New science anticipates: While Apollo-time moon rocks are assessed to be around 3 to 4 billion years of age, the material gathered by Chang’e 5 is from a site in the northwest locale of the moon’s close to side called Mons Rükmer. This territory was shaped all the more as of late, and the stones here are believed to be just about 1.2 billion years of age. That implies researchers contemplating the material could get familiar with the development of the moon and test out new strategies for assessing the time of land tests from different planets, moons, and asteroids. 

China’s enormous day: The Chang’e lunar program, which incorporates two arrangements of lunar meanderers to the moon’s surface, has been amazingly effective. In spite of the fact that Chang’e 5 was a short mission, it’s one of the most confounded tasks attempted by the Chinese space program up until this point. The nation is a long way from finished with the moon—Chang’e 6, a second lunar example return, is scheduled to dispatch in 2023 or 2024.

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