5 Companies That Have Laid Off Employees this year

It is not the time to panic. But companies will have to go through tough times when they have to make cuts in the payroll. This year, we have seen several companies that had announced a layoff of employees, and here are 5 companies that have laid off employees this year.


Google’s Parent company Alphabet announced the laying off of 12,000 employees across different products. In the last 2 years, they had hired more than 50K employees due to the increase in demand during Covid.

Vox Media

The Verge and New York Magazine, two tech websites that cover media and entertainment, announced Friday that they’re cutting 7% of their staff or about 130 people.

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Cryptocurrency brokerage firm Coinbase has just announced that they are cutting 950 employees. This move comes just a few months after Coinbase laid off 1,100 employees. The company is yet to give a statement on how this reduction will affect employees as well as their customers.


Microsoft has announced that it is cutting 10,000 jobs. The company said in a securities filing on Wednesday that it will cut its workforce by around 10 percent as part of a restructuring mission. Globally, Microsoft has 221,000 full-time employees, and 122,000 of them are based in the US.


The world’s largest asset manager is eliminating 500 jobs or less than 3% of its workforce. The BlackRock layoffs are also hitting Wall Street hard. The world’s largest asset manager is eliminating the vast majority of its investment banking unit and cutting 1,000 jobs from other units.

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