As the healthtech scene quickly develops another startup is making its quality known. HealNow has shut a $1.3 million round of financing from SoftBank Opportunity Fund and Redhawk VC.

The organization was established by Halston Prox and Joshua Smith. Prox has worked in medical care for over 10 years with significant associations, for example, Providence Health, Mount Sinai and Baylor Scott and White, generally centered around digitizing wellbeing records and planning and executing programming for specialists, attendants, and so forth Smith, CTO at the organization, has been a designer since 2012.

The couple established HealNow to turn into the focal sensory system for request and conveyance of solutions, as indicated by Prox. Your normal installments handling framework isn’t really material to drug stores huge and little due to the complexities of medical coverage and the administrative landscape.

Not just is it expensive to encourage online installments for drug stores, however they likewise have their own drug store the board frameworks and work processes that can be handily upset by moving to another installments system.

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HealNow has assembled a framework that is explicitly custom-made to drug stores of any shape or size, from markets to mother and pop drug stores and everything in the middle. It’s a white name arrangement, implying that any drug store can put their image language on the product.

“We’re inserted in their present work processes and drug stores don’t need to do anything manual, regardless of whether they’re utilizing a drug store the board framework,” said Prox.

When a client hopes to get a remedy from their drug store, they are sent a connection that permits them to safely respond to whatever addresses that might be required for the get, enter protection data, make an installment, and timetable a curbside get or a conveyance. The tech additionally incorporates with outsider conveyance administrations for drug stores that offer deliveries.

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This innovation has been especially significant during the COVID-19 pandemic, allowing more modest drug stores to rival greater chains who have computerized arrangements previously set up that consider curbside get. This is particularly evident since Amazon has gotten into the space with the dispatch of Amazon Pharmacy.

HealNow is a SaaS organization, charging a month to month membership expense for utilization of the stage just as a help charge for remedies bought on the stage. In any case, that administration charge is a level rate that never changes dependent on the expense of the prescription.

The space is packed and developing more swarmed, with contenders like NimbleRX and Capsule offering their own turn on rearranging and digitizing the drug store. One major distinction for HealNow, says Prox, is that the startup has no goal of ever being a drug store, but instead serving drug stores in a way that doesn’t disturb their present work process or system.

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“We’re not a drug store, and we need to empower every one of these drug stores to be on the web,” said Prox. “To do that we need to do that in a fair manner by zeroing in on being a finished tech company.”

The financing is going principally toward working out the deals and advertising arms of the organization to keep powering development. HealNow has a traction in the West, Southwest and Middle America, and is opening an office in Birmingham to run over the East Coast. Prox says the organization is handling a large number of requests a day and a huge number of requests each month.

HealNow dispatched in 2018 subsequent to moving on from the Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator .

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