Next five years for India going to be of economic stability coupled with volatility says J Sai Deepak

India is set to experience economic stability paired with volatility over the next five years, according to J Sai Deepak, a notable Supreme Court advocate and influential speaker. In a recent interview with PTI, Deepak emphasized that while India’s hunger for economic growth drives its narrative forward, unresolved law and order issues could stymie progress if not adequately addressed by the government.

Deepak pointed out that the Indian government’s efforts to foster a conducive atmosphere for growth are commendable. However, he highlighted an emerging form of urban unrest, different from traditional terrorism, which poses a new challenge to national security. This “street warfare,” characterized by large, unorganized mobs rather than organized terrorist cells, has been evident in various global contexts and is a trend that India must prepare for to sustain its growth trajectory.

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“The economic success of Bharat seems inevitable due to multiple positive factors,” said Deepak. However, he cautioned against complacency, noting that recent protests, such as those in Shaheen Bagh and by farmers, could escalate if effective preventive measures are not implemented.

Discussing the political landscape, Deepak expressed concerns not primarily about the electoral outcomes but about the societal and governmental responses to potential crises. He stressed the importance of a robust strategy to handle civil unrest that aligns with national interests rather than being influenced by international opinions or pressures from the West.

Deepak also touched on the role of the Opposition in India’s democracy, suggesting that a stronger opposition would be beneficial. He critiqued the current opposition for not presenting a forward-looking vision for India, which he believes is crucial for the nation’s overall democratic health.

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As India continues on its path of economic rise, it faces internal and external pressures that could shape its future stability. Deepak’s insights call for a balanced approach to fostering economic growth while ensuring social harmony and strong governance to navigate the complexities of modern geopolitical and domestic landscapes.

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