Userpilot is a product-led growth platform for SaaS companies that reduces customer support and engineering costs by providing a platform that allows for personalized in-app onboarding experiences. The startup recently raised $4.6 million in seed funding from investors such as Silicon Badia, ScOp Ventures, and 500 Global. This follows their $1.2 million pre-seed round last year. Userpilot CEO Yazan Sehwail stated that they will use the new funding to build features that will provide even more value to their customers.

Userpilot’s platform provides a way for companies to reduce customer support requests and cut down on engineering costs associated with building custom solutions to address those requests. By allowing businesses to personalize in-app onboarding experiences, Userpilot enables them to create a better experience for users that leads to fewer support issues. In addition, the platform helps companies keep track of user engagement data so they can identify areas where improvements can be made to the onboarding experience.

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With the new funding, Userpilot plans to build additional features that will provide even more value to its customers. These features could include things like automated task assignments and notifications, which would help companies further reduce the need for customer support. Additionally, the company plans to use the funds to grow its team and expand into new markets.

Userpilot’s platform is an important tool for companies looking to reduce customer support costs and improve the onboarding experience for their users. With the recent infusion of capital, the company is well-positioned to continue delivering value to its customers and driving growth for its business.

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