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3 Android Apps with over 20 Million Downloads removed by Google

  • It is said that the apps were violating the Google’s Data Collection Policies
  • The Apps were accessing the Android Users’ advertising ID (AAID) and Android ID

Princess Salon, Number Coloring, and Cats & Cosplay, these are the three apps which are removed by Google from the Play Store. These apps were accessing the data of millions of users through the Android ID and the Android Advertising ID which is against the policies of Google. As per NN, These apps are primarily made for children and had more than 20 Million Downloads

Researchers at the International Digital Accountability Council (IDAC) found that the Princess Salon, Number Coloring, and Cats & Cosplay apps were violating Google’s Data Collection Policies. Google removed these apps from the Play Store, As soon as they got to know about them.

The Google Spokesperson Said, “Whenever we find an app that violates our policies, we take action”. Along with this, they clarified that they take these issues very seriously and take the required action. By December 19, Google has to respond to the antitrust lawsuit from the U.S. Justice Department, according to a court filing. In response to this, Google Said called the lawsuit as “Deeply Flawed”.