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The Pandemic gave a Big Boost to Microsoft’s Revenue

  • Microsoft Continues to increase its revenue in Q1 2020.
  • Revenue is better than before, because of the pandemic

Today, Microsoft reported the Financial Results for the First Quarter of 2021. Microsoft reported an income of $13.9 Billion and net revenue of $37.2 Billion for the first quarter of 2020. Even during this pandemic, Microsoft managed to do a business like this!

Microsoft Revenue 2020 Reports
Microsoft 2020 Q1 Revenue

It is said that the Remote Work or Work-From-Home has some contribution to increasing this revenue to 13%. Many people who stayed at home used the services like Azure Cloud and Games from Microsoft, because of which Microsoft saw a tremendous increase.

The estimated revenue for the company was less but the current numbers changed the estimates. More people are now staying at home, because of which they are playing more games, having online meetings, learning new things, etc. This sudden Stay at Home condition helped many businesses working on the services using the internet and Microsoft is one of them.

Microsoft offers a variety of products, from cloud to Microsoft Surface, they have a vast range of products for normal consumers and businesses. The demand for the consumer PC’s has increased because of the pandemic. A lot of people purchased new laptops, smartphones, and other electronic stuff during the pandemic to attend online meetings, work on projects, or do some work. This boosted the revenue of many companies.