China Opposes USs Sanctioning of Companies Dealing With Russia

China on Saturday opposed US’s sanctions against other companies over their alleged attempts to elude Washington’s export controls on Russia. They have also called the move “illegal” and said it endangers global supply chains. Recently, UK Sanctions Financial Fixers.

Around five companies headquartered in Hong Kong and mainland China were on Wednesday placed on an “entity list” by the US Commerce Department. This means the companies will be barred from doing business with any US company sans gaining an unobtainable special license.

The US is reportedly tightening up enforcement of sanctions against foreign firms it feels are providing aid to Russia in its war against Ukraine, compelling them to choose between trading with Moscow or with the US. A total of 28 entities from countries ranging from Malta to Turkey to Singapore were added to the list.

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“The US action has no basis in international law and is not authorized by the United Nations Security Council,” said a statement from China’s Commerce Ministry.“It is a typical unilateral sanction and a form of ‘long-arm jurisdiction’ which seriously damages the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises and affects the security and stability of the global supply chain. China firmly opposes this,” the statement added.

Allparts Trading Co., Ltd.; Avtex Semiconductor Limited; ETC Electronics Ltd.; Maxtronic International Co., Ltd.; and STK Electronics Co., Ltd., registered in Hong Kong were the latest to be sanctioned. Earlier China slaps sanctions on Lockheed Martin and Raytheon over the Taiwan weapons deal

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The department said that the list identifies entities involved, are involved, or pose a significant threat to national security. Earlier in February, the US had announced sanctions against the Chinese company Changsha Tianyi Space Science and Technology Research Institute Co. Ltd., also known as Spacety China.

According to the department, the company provided satellite imagery of Ukraine to Russia’s Wagner Group in order to help Wagner’s military operations there. A Luxembourg-based subsidiary of Spacety China was also targeted.

During that time, the Chinese Foreign Ministry accused the US of “bullying” for sanctioning its companies. Further, China also accused the US of supplying weapons to Ukraine.

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Meanwhile, China has maintained that it has a neutral stand on the Russia-Ukraine war. However, it is backing Russia politically, rhetorically, and economically at a time when Western nations are planning to isolate Moscow.

Notably, China has refused to condemn Russia’s actions and has also slammed Western economic sanctions on Moscow.

Chinese President Xi Jinping visited Moscow in March. Defense Minister Gen. Li Shangfu is also expected to visit Russia next week for meetings with his counterpart Sergei Shoigu and other military officials. However, China’s Foreign Minister Qin Gang asserted that Beijing wouldn’t sell weapons to either of the countries.

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