Food is necessity of human life so of our homes. When we come home we need food to eat so a table full of delicious food cooked by mother or wife is the ultimate requirement everybody needs. After a long tiring day, cooking is the heaviest and tiring work most of us feels. But when cooking is done with family it feels like an opportunity to spend quality time with our family.

When you are having zapped energy, household with hectic schedules and limited time getting every member of the family into the kitchen to work with mother to prepare a meal may seems like a big trouble than it seems to be worthy, but its worthier than trouble. because if your family interacts less with each other and more with screens like computer screen, mobile screen or a TV screen it is more hazardous to their health and so cooking together could be the best way to develop better relationship among family members and to reconnect them. Cooking together is very helpful in building close relations with your children.

Turning off the computer and TV and not attending the phone calls and not using mobile phones while you are making dinner will aid in making the relations better. Children mostly don’t like to eat fruits and veggies and they usually don’t like to eat homemade food rather they like packed food like chips, biscuits, etc. that are not good for their health. If you want your child to eat homemade meal make them cook with you. Children seems to eat food in which they are involved in making. If any of your child is a fussy eater, make her help you in making meal with you so she can see, handle, and inspect the food she is about to eat.

When we talk about raising a venturesome eater, it is not about forcing kids to eat fruits and veggies. developing a habit in a child of enjoying a cantaloupe as he enjoys a cupcake takes a lot more patience and a lot of persistence, but it will work one day. Cooking with children make them confident enough to task new things and decreasing the anxiety they have in tasting any unfamiliar item. This could be done with time when your child has rich sensory experiences.

Over years, cooking with family will help in developing an adventurous and happy eater along with some valuable skills helpful in life and a plenty of joyful memories develop in the kitchen. With these practices your child will learn to cook earlier and she will able to cook as tasty as you.

cooking with children help in Teaching kids how to stay safe during cooking by teaching them how they have to hold kitchen tools in a safe way, how the oven mats and gloves could be used in order to protect hands from burns, and how to turn on and off appliances in a safe manner.

Ask your kids opinion when you are selecting recipes for side or main dishes. Ask them to help you in making the shopping list and let them find groceries in the farmers market or in the grocery store. This Family meal preparation time is a golden chance to celebrate cultural heritage and pass down your traditional recipes to your children. A large number of lessons can be taught to the children while cooking. You can teach them Math concepts like how to count, how to measure, and how to do fractions while you are following a recipe with your kids. You can explain them how food changes occur with change in temperature or how some foods can help living body in being healthy in this way you let her understand great lessons of science.

During cooking with your children, you can practice new vocabulary by describing how food feels, how food looks, and how food tastes. When you are following a recipe from beginning till the end helps in building the skills for planning and completing projects in your child. The perplexing flavors we come across when eating food come from both smelling with the nose and taste sensations we get from the tongue.

Smart kitchen Hero

The kitchen is “the heart of the home” but if we incorporate brains with heart then this would be more beneficial. The Internet of Things (IoT) has made it possible by inventing a new breaker of smart kitchen gadgets, these gadgets possess so much efficiency from sensors that know when the stove has been left on to forks that remind us to savor each bite and slow down. These gadgets are the products of Internet of Things IoT that are changing the manner in which we store, order, consume and cook food in our houses. The kitchen is getting ‘smarter’ by the help of these gadgets. The kitchen is the center point of the home and by the use of some smart kitchen appliances Internet of Things (IoT) helped us automate our Indian cuisine out of all the other food items roti making is the most difficult task. Roti is an essential item in almost all of the Indian cuisines and Indian homes throughout the world, roti has a plenty of benefits to health and it is so enriched in a number of nutrients. Roti making is a very heavy task. There is a lot of hard work for making a roti for example, dough preparation, its division, its rolling and finally it’s cooking. The same steps are to be repeated again and again in every roti and in those families where the number of roti eaters are more it is a far more difficult task. With the passage of time and as the world is becoming more advanced the schedules get busier and tighter, people can’t afford the efforts and time required in roti making. In this more advanced world rotimatic is serving as a “Smart Kitchen Hero”.

A lot of rotimatic reviews obtained until now are so much satisfying and they are provoking other people to buy rotimatic. The most prevailing rotimatic reviews is that it not only makes roti’s tortillas wraps pizza bases but it is also helping people in making other varieties of flatbread. It is also helping a baker. All in all, rotimatic has a greater blessing given from the Internet of Things (IoT) to us.

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