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Andrés Dancausa


Andrés Dancausa is reserve accomplice, EMEA for administrator drove worldwide financial backers TheVentureCity. Prior to entering the universe of VC, he was the CEO of a Spanish fintech organization and dispatched his own startup in the edtech space.

There’s a distinction among the real world and the additional worth financial backers are promising business people. Three of every five authors who were guaranteed added esteem by their VCs felt tricked by their negative experience.

While this feels like a setback by financial backers, as a general rule, it shows shortcoming on the two sides. Due ingenuity is certainly not a single direction road, and originators should get their work done to ensure they’re not bouncing into manages VCs who are just offering empty talk to their worth add.

Investigating a financial backer’s past, notoriety and associations isn’t tied in with tracking down the ideal VC, it’s tied in with understanding what shaking certain hands will involve — and either being prepared for it or leaving.

Entrepreneurs are progressively requesting in excess of an unlimited free pass: They need mentorship, item understanding and enthusiastic help, just as industry associations and mastery. On the off chance that VCs can’t bring that esteem, originators presently have a lot of other financing courses to look over, such as crowdfunding, holy messenger organizations, tokenization and SPACs.

To stay serious, VCs need to in any event publicize that they have more than abundant resources. In any case, consider the possibility that it stops there. Originators need to know precisely the thing they’re searching for in a VC, which means looking past the first page and confirming their investors.

The ideal financial backer for present day new companies is an administrator VC — somebody who was an author or administrator at an organization prior to turning into a financial backer. Yet, and, after its all said and done, checking boxes isn’t sufficient to guarantee the financial backer will not accompany their own difficulties, such as being too involved or less deliberately minded.

Looking into a financial backer’s past, notoriety and associations isn’t tied in with tracking down the ideal VC, it’s tied in with understanding what shaking certain hands will involve — and either being prepared for it or leaving. There is no single answer for this issue, however here are my proposals to originators looking for a fruitful financial backer relationship in 2021.

Have a managing framework

No organizer financial backer relationship can endure misalignment. Since you share obligation on such countless cycles, the two players must be in total agreement. So before you even beginning gathering pledges, make sure about the assumptions you need your future financial backer to meet. What do you require the most? What does your fantasy financial backer look like?

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