Google will move users from Hangouts to Google Chat in early-2021

  • Google Hangouts will now use Meet for Video Calls from November
  • Google said that both Hangouts and Google Chat will be available for some time
Google Hangouts to Google Chats
Hangouts to Google Chats Transfer

Google is finally making the transition from Hangouts to Google Chat. Google officially removed the branding of the app Hangouts from G Suite and gave an alternative to it, which is, of course, Google Chat. Google Chat will be available as a standalone app as well as in Gmail as well (especially for G Suite subscribers).

Till now, for months, business (G Suite) users were using Google Chat with the branding of Hangouts. But now, it is clear that it was actually Google Chat. The design is good looking and has good user-experience as reported by some users.

It is reported that the existing G Suite users will be able to message other G Suite users. The label “external” will be used while they use G Suite to message other people outside their organisation. This will make it easy for the people of different organisations to discuss things easily without any email client.

Hope, this does not die like Allo. Google Meet, on the other hand, saw a massive surge in its users during the pandemic. Due to its huge popularity, Google is now integrating Meet with almost all of their messaging applications as reported. More information will be updated as required.

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