Samsung Galaxy S21 production might start in late-2020 and sale in early-2021

  • Korean Giant Samsung is back with another Flagship Device
  • Samsung Galaxy S21 production might start in late-2020 (most probably in November)
  • Samsung usually launches flagships in February or March, but this time, it might be in January.

The latest report from various sources state that the Samsung Galaxy S21 might launch in January 2021. This is actually ahead of how they usually sell. Samsung will start producing this Flagship Smartphone in December, a month early.

Sammobile reported that this smartphone will be launched in early 2021 or we can say January 2021. This might be because of the absence of its competitor Huawei which is currently not launching anything because of various issues. There’s a rumor that Samsung will be launching a foldable smartphone just after the launch of this smartphone.

The Galaxy S21 is rumored to be launched with the Galaxy Buds 2. As per TheElec report, the Galaxy S21 family will come in five distinct color options, which are Grey, Pink, Silver, Violet, and White. Galaxy Buds 2, on the other hand, might come in Black, Silver, and Violet color options.