avoid getting added to whatsapp groups

WhatsApp has introduced a new feature where users can allow who can add them to WhatsApp groups. This feature is helping WhatsApp users to avoid spam messages, Avoid getting added to random groups.

WhatsApp Recent Update – Mute WhatsApp group feature.

WhatsApp has more than 2 billion users worldwide. Taking over WhatsApp call or making a video call with anyone is much easier than in the past because of some of the best social media apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.

How to avoid being getting added to a Random WhatsApp group

  1. Go to Settings on WhatsApp App.
  2. Select “Account”.
  3. Now click on “Privacy” and then select “Groups”.
  4. Choose who can add me to groups from any 3 options: Everyone OR My Contacts OR My contacts Except.

This is how you can easily avoid being getting added to any WhatsApp doing without putting more effords on keep exiting any group or being added randomly on a group.

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