The battery on Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max 2020 is smaller than iPhone 11 Pro Max

  • Apple recently launched the iPhone 12 series along with homepod mini.
  • While looking at the specifications, it is clear that the iPhone 12 Pro Max has a smaller battery than the iPhone 11 Pro Max

In October 2020, Apple launched the iPhone 12 series along with Homepod Mini. The iPhone 12 has great camera features as compared to older iPhones. Along with great camera features, the iPhones come with the 5G Technology! These are the first future-proof smartphones from Apple in 2020.

iPhone 12 Pro Max Battery is less than iPhone 11 Pro Max battery

One of the Chinese Certification Sites, TENAA, revealed the battery size of the iPhone 12 Pro Max to be about 3687mAh. This is not so good, as the older iPhone 11 Pro Max came with a 3969mAh battery.

Despite having the latest 5G Technology, Apple is offering a smaller battery size in its new-generation smartphones. There are some reports which suggest that this 5G technology will reduce the battery life for up to 2 hours. And smaller battery means lower battery life which will ultimately affect the users’ daily usage.