Ambani JioPhone Next

During Reliance Industries’ 44th Annual General Meeting (AGM), Mukesh Ambani announced JioPhone Next. Reliance Jio and Google, who announced a partnership last year, are now showcasing the new Android smartphone, which was revealed by both Mukesh Ambani and Google head Sundar Pichai. A couple of entry-level pieces of hardware offer a mobile experience optimized for Android.

As well as Google Play Store access, the JioPhone Next supports voice assistants, text-to-speech, and language translations. At the Reliance AGM, Ambani said, “India still has nearly 300 million mobile users who are unable to escape from inefficient and exorbitant 2G services because even a basic 4G smartphone remains unaffordable for these users. Last year Sundar and I had talked about Google and Jio co-developing a next-generation, feature-rich, but an extremely affordable smartphone.” While many features of the upcoming phone were revealed, and its launch date of Ganesh Chaturthi, September 10, the price of the phone was not announced yet, only that it will be “the most affordable smartphone not just in India, but globally.”

There has yet to be announced the price of the next JioPhone in India. However, users will have to wait until September 10 before they can purchase the phone. Designed for those looking for an affordable smartphone, the JioPhone Next features 4G connectivity and 2G connectivity. Google has created a custom version of Android specifically for Jio, which is the basis for the new offering. This smartphone comes preloaded with a voice assistant as well as features such as automatic reading aloud of screen text, language translation, and augmented reality filters for the camera. You can also get regular updates for Android on it.

According to Mukesh Ambani, Chairman, Reliance Industries, JioPhone Next is powered by a specially tailored version of the Android OS developed jointly by Jio and Google. It demonstrates how an international technology giant and an Indian technology champion can collaborate to make a truly breakthrough product that can be first introduced in India, and then take it worldwide.”

It is noteworthy that Jio is not the first company to offer its own handset for consumers. Earlier this year, Jio introduced its 4G smart feature phone as part of its smart phone lineup. It was updated in 2018 with the launch of the Jio Phone 2. Besides the QWERTY keyboard, the new phone had a wider screen than the original.

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