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You can now run Windows Apps on Chromebooks with Parallels Desktop

  • Businesses got access to windows apps on Chrome OS!
  • Google partnered with parallels in order to support Windows Apps on Chromebooks

Great news for Chromebook users! Google now partnered with Parallels to bring the Windows Apps support to Chromebooks so that the users can use it simultaneously with chrome OS. This is exclusively available for businesses.

Chrome OS will run Windows inside a virtual machine as showed in the image below.

Run Windows Apps on Chromebook with Parallels
Run Windows Apps on Chrome OS in Chromebook – Screenshot (Image Credit: Parallels)

This functionality is exclusively made for businesses and these enterprise customers will be charged $69.99 per user. A full version of Windows will be booted inside the virtual machine in the Chrome OS which will be made by Parallels. They will smartly integrate the virtual machine as well as the chrome OS.

This is just a start or an initial phase for the Windows Virtual Machine on Chrome OS and bigger improvements will come with time. Deeper integration of Chrome OS and Windows will come with time. This is just the beginning.

Both Parallels and Google worked hard to bring this integration of Windows with Chrome OS. There are many great features such as Shared Clipboards, Shared User Profiles, Custom Folders ,etc, as reported by The Verge.

The USB support on Windows is not enabled yet and Parallels is working on that. That’s the reason, Webcams, Microphones, will not work on this Virtual Windows Machines. Although, Chrome OS supported Printers will be supported by this Windows. Google is bringing lot of improvements and upgrades to Chrome OS.