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US Elections: Facebook and Instagram notifies users “There’s no winner yet”

  • “Votes are being counted in the US Elections”.
  • Facebook and Instagram notified users that the elections have not ended, yet.

Facebook apps including the Facebook Application and Instagram are currently running notifications on their Apps respectively. The company is informing the users that the US Presidential Election has not been determined, yet. Notifications are running on the top of the apps. There are pop-ups on the top of the news feed of both the applications saying that “Votes are being counted”.

This notification takes the users to other in-app trustworthy election resources which they need to read in order to stay away from fake news. Both the apps have exact same notification which states, “The winner of the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election has not been projected yet. See more updates and learn what to expect as the election process continues”. They have added a Timestamp as well so that people get to know that it is the latest information. Along with the Timestamp, the last updated information will be added as well.

This might have happened because President Trump claimed that they won the election even before the votes were counted. The timestamp will help people know about recent events and solve the issue of outdated data. There are not many complaints or buzz about this issue.