Clubhouse on Android

Clubhouse is a new Android app that was released on the Google Play Store. Using audio chat, Clubhouse is a new invitation-only social network. The social networking platform launched in March 2020, and it has already garnered a small number of users worldwide. Clubhouse recently announced that it would comply with IT rules and was working on accessibility features as well. You can see the privacy policy and other details of the creator-first approach below.

More details

Since it launched on Android a few weeks ago, Clubhouse has seen a significant increase in worldwide users, after a year exclusively on iOS. Its founders and core team members announced their objectives during the press conference on Thursday hosted on the app, including platform moderation, compliance with controversial new IT standards in India, and upcoming developments.

In their interview with the co-founders Paul Davidson and Rohan Seth, HT Tech reported that the startup is attempting to create a human experience for consumers as opposed to existing social media platforms. Rather than using a social media manager to post for one, or posing or being witty, the startup wants to create a social network that focuses on truly connecting people.

Davidson is reported to have stated that the organization must have an internal team of employees with significant experience in trust and safety on social platforms and an understanding of how live group audio differs from previous networks and a commitment to improve the platform. According to him, the company must have enough employees to keep up with customer growth and multilingual employees.

With millions of people reporting events and alerting the social media platform, they are able to make the clubhouse a healthy and productive environment, but they also need to keep an eye on the toolset and network.

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