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French fintech startup Lydia has expanded its Series B round. Accel is driving the augmentation with all major existing investors additionally partaking. Lydia originally brought $45 million up in January 2020 — Tencent drove that venture. The startup is presently raising another $86 million, which implies that Lydia has brought $131 million up in all out as a component of its Series B round.

While Lydia wouldn’t examine the valuation of the round, its fellow benefactor and CEO gave me a clue. “The estimation of the organization has actually essentially expanded between the two pieces of the B round,” he told me.

Interestingly, Amit Jhawar is going this venture for Accel. He joined Accel as an endeavor accomplice in July and he will join Lydia’s leading body of directors.

Jhawar joined installments organization Braintree in 2011 as COO and CFO. Soon after, Braintree obtained distributed installment application Venmo. “At the point when we gained Venmo it was just 15 individuals. They had quite recently delivered their versatile application in April of 2012,” Jhawar let me know in a telephone interview.

PayPal later procured Braintree and Venmo — Jhawar stayed until mid 2020 to scale Venmo to the immense fintech shopper application that 52 million individuals use in the U.S. Jhawar accepts that shared installments speak to the start of a drawn out purchaser relationship.

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“You realize that P2P is fruitful when they leave cash in their record since they will return,” he said.

Back in 2014, when I originally covered Lydia, I considered it the Venmo for France — they had just raised €600,000 in those days. It seems like Jhawar concurs with that take. From that point forward, Lydia has developed a considerable amount and has extended past distributed installments in different distinctive ways.

With Lydia, you can send cash to another client in only a couple seconds. You don’t need to enter a record number in your banking application —  as long as you most likely are aware their telephone number, they’ll get your payment.

If you have cash in your record, you can decide to spend it straightforwardly utilizing a Visa charge card. Lydia allows you to create a virtual card that works with Apple Pay and Google Pay — you can likewise arrange a plastic card.

Lydia additionally underpins direct store as you get your own IBAN in the application. You can likewise make cash pots and send a connection to different clients, see your financial balances in Lydia, give cash to emergency clinics and good cause, get a credit line, etc.

But there’s one executioner include that stands apart over the rest. Ledgers will in general be solid and don’t reflect how you use cash. “On the off chance that you take a gander at banks today, they consider the primary record a financial records. It’s obsolete by plan,” Chiche said.

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Lydia has made adaptable sub-accounts that you can use from multiple points of view. You can make a subsequent sub-record and put some cash in a safe spot for your bills. You can make a third one and offer it with a couple of companions since you’re going on a get-away together.

You can move cash starting with one record then onto the next by swiping your finger across the record network. As you can have different patrons and you can change the record related with your charge card, it implies that cash streams all the more normally. It seems like utilizing an informing application, not a monetary app.

And it’s been functioning admirably in France. The organization currently has more than 4 million clients. Exchanges have multiplied over the previous year, which implies that utilization is accelerating.

“Lydia has the biggest P2P network in Europe outside of PayPal and can possibly develop the whole way across Europe with a versatile first, client centered arrangement. This will bring interest for steady purchaser monetary items and high trader interest to acknowledge the installment,” Jhawar let me know in an email.

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And 2020 has been a bustling year for Lydia. The organization has quite recently delivered a total overhaul to more readily position the application as a super application for monetary administrations. All the associations and all the fundamental tabs have been changed.

Lydia additionally re-dispatched its excellent contribution with two new charge designs that offer you higher cutoff points over the free arrangement and a protection bundle for the most costly offer. Those plans are more in accordance with what the application offers today and ought to add to the organization’s primary concern. “The following stage is carrying Lydia to benefit and it’s something that has consistently been significant for us,” Chiche said in a new interview.

Behind the scenes, Lydia has likewise updated many center highlights, for example, moving cards to another framework, adding alarms to account collection, supporting moment SEPA moves to ledgers, etc.

In 2021, the organization intends to expand on top of that new establishment with more monetary items. “We will attempt each and every item — credit, reserve funds, venture,” Chiche said.

The organization is additionally gradually growing to more nations. However, it needs to offer an item that feels like a neighborhood item with a nearby card and a nearby IBAN to expand acknowledgment rates. Lydia is beginning with Portugal.

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